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Our handpicked development team are experts in the fields of 3D graphics and designing web-based applications.

We are passionate about delivering at the cutting edge of 3D design solutions for the architecture, engineering, construction, manufacturing, media, and design industries.

We are always open to building relationships with people who share our passion and welcome contact from anyone interested in what we do or joining us.


How we work

Our aim is to develop a total design ecosystem that encompass training and research, through to business collaboration and commercial applications.



We know that to truly lead we must think beyond current limitations, identifying tomorrows great opportunities and how to deliver them. We encourage pushing the design limits with a fantastic team.

Personal Growth

We support employees to learn and develop their own knowledge and skills through the work they do and our academy program.


We are real people with a passion and purpose. We love what we do.


We make sure to enjoy your life with perfect balance of work and fun.

Current openings

If you have skills and experience in these areas we are happy to hear from you at any time.

Computational Geometry, GPU Technology, Shader Graph Development, 3D Graphics and Modelling, Render Technology and Applications. Web Based Application design and development, Ray Marching, Ray Tracing, Network Cloud Infrastructure, VR/AR.

Please send your story and C.V to