Flexible Working Helps Haydn’s OE Adventure

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April 9, 2018
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June 20, 2018

When Haydn told us about a move to Korea for a change of lifestyle, this wasn’t seen in the company as the end of our working relationship.

As a valued team member, we had a strong desire to keep working with Haydn. We wanted to allow him the opportunity to continue to be involved in our future orientated projects and the personal growth that comes with that.

Instead, it was seen as an opportunity to demonstrate our flexible approach to working and keeping talented people with the Lightspeed team.

Lightspeed Graphics already operates a distributed workforce with developers working on our projects from as far away as Finland and Norway. Having a team member based in Korea was not seen as an obstacle.

The technologies and communication aids available allow Haydn to be very much be part of our day to day operations, fully involved with the team and to continue working on the projects.

Of course, we will still miss his presence in the office, that is our ideal. But, we are happy that he remains very much part of our team whilst he enjoys a new lifestyle adventure.

Caption; A last game of pool and few beers with Haydn before he moves offshore