Auckland ICT Graduate School Networking Evening

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December 20, 2017
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April 9, 2018

Lightspeed Graphics participated in a recent internship networking event held at Auckland Universities Faculty of Science.

The event organised by the Universities ICT Graduate School was run under a “speed dating” format.

The evening was broken up into two sections.  During the first half of the evening there was a speed-networking event where the team from Lightspeed Graphics had the opportunity to speak to pairs/trios of students for 8 minutes at a time. It was a challenge share our story and respond to questions from the students – all in 8 minutes!

We were able to show case our company and projects to potential interns. The students were able to interact with members from the Lightspeed development and management team.

This was followed by an opportunity to talk to other companies, staff of the ICT Graduate school and students over refreshments.

It was our first public event of this nature. The team proved to be great ambassadors for Lightspeed with a lot of interest shown from the students. Thanks to Angela for the cool information brochure, Lydia, Echo and Tim who were all on hand on the night.

We had a great time and spoke to 30 students over the event.