CEO Visits New Zealand

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November 12, 2017
Lightspeed Christmas Celebration
December 20, 2017
Jocky (left) reviews the render platform with the development team

Last week our CEO and founding Director Jocky flew in for a quick visit to check on progress.

During the visit Jocky outlined an ambitious program of strategic initiatives that will see our parent company at the forefront of the graphics industry over the coming years.

He spoke of the company’s vision to build a graphics eco system. The companies vision for a graphics eco system builds on trending technologies like Smart cities, cloud 3.0, machine learning, artificial intelligence, combining AR/VR technologies with 3D design concepts and other interactive experiences.

China’s advancement in emerging technologies is gathering pace rapidly. Its current strong investment capability, appetite for advancement and rapidly developing tech consumer markets will see China move into a leading position globally in these fields within the next decade.

Jocky was able to review development progress on Lightspeed Graphic’s web based 3D modelling solution, 3D Rendering solution, cloud hosting solutions and networked computing management systems.

He said he was well pleased with progress and is impressed with the local software development team’s ability to deliver advanced solutions and provide innovative ideas.